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cu de Melancia

Name: Diana Sousa

Nickname: Diana cu de Melancia

Date of birth: 11-10-1993

Age: 23

Nationality: Portuguese

High: 1,53m

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Porn Actress/ Student

Hobbies: cinema, visual arts, walk, listen to music, travel.

Music: triphop, epic, chillout, rock

Quote:  ""I want to feel everything in every way""
(Álvaro de Campos, Fernando Pessoa Heteronomous )

    Diana cu de Melancia (Diana watermelon ass) is a trademark  of a Portuguese adult actress.

    She started her carrier on Pornhub (amateur contest) and after thousands of views a portuguese agency, HotGold, hired her.

  She has been requested for many magazines and television   interviews and today she is one of the most well known Portuguese adult actresses and the only one to use a mask.

   The sucess has been mainly due to the mask she uses, because that means she could be anyone just like the girl next door.

   "What I feel is there for all to see, nothing is fake. My goal besides giving pleasure to those who see on the other side of the screen, is to show everyone that any single or couple with a mobile camera can be pornstar."


2015 - The pop Star - Pornhub
Actress in amateur content with most views in Portugal
Hot Gold Movies
(MEO, NOS, Vodafone e Nowo)

Diana cu de Melancia - O fenómeno de Portugal
Diana cu de Melancia - Casting anal
Diana cu de Melancia - Violada no sofá
Diana cu de Melancia - Sexo com um fã
Diana cu de Melancia - Sonho Erótico
Diana cu de Melancia - Sexo em Troia 
Diana cu de Melancia - Motel
Diana cu de Melancia - Sozinha em casa
70 Videos on Pornhub
.EROS PORTO 2017 - Hot Gold
.Comedy video with Alexandre Santos
.Attendance and erotic show
in Swing e Strip clubs

Julia Pinheiro de bem com a vida
Maluco Beleza - Rui Unas
Canal Q - É a vida de Alvim
Magazine PLAYBOY 
Magazine Men´s Stuff 
Magazine HAPPY 
Portugal Adulto
Mundo de Adultos
Vip People Magazine
Rádio Antena 3
Correio da manhã - Tv
Jornal de Noticias
Nova Gente
Reportagem - Impala

Available to: 

- Attendances *

- Erotic Show *

- Video clips

- Photoshoots


*​Attendance with erotic shows in swing and strip clubs

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